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Heart Pacemaker Replacement Cost

July 10th, 2014

Clinics of the Heart located within the modern facilities of the Costamed Hospital in Cozumel Island and now in Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Riviera performs pacemaker replacement procedures offering low cost packages. All pacemaker brands are available replacement is offered by Mexico’s premier interventional cardiology center located within the modern facilities of the Costamed Hospitals in beautiful Cozumel Island and the newest hospital in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Single, dual and triple chamber Medtronic, Boston Scientific. St. Jude or Guidant pacemaker replacement procedures are performed at a fraction of the cost of what the cost would be in the U.S., in addition to the extraordinary care you will receive by The Clinics of the Heart’s team of surgeons you will enjoy one of the world’s most sought after destinations while recuperating from your pacemaker replacement procedure. The Medtronic pacemaker replacement package offered by Clinics of the Heart in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico state of the art and of the latest technology. patients stay at some of the finest resorts in Mexico and enjoy a restful recuperation at this beachfront paradise. In addition to the Medtronic pacemaker replacement package, Dr. Moguel’s The Clinics of the Heart also offers Boston Scientific, St. Jude and Guidant pacemaker replacements.

The low price of the Clinics of the Heart Pacemaker replacement package includes:

Removal of old pacemaker .

Single, double or triple chamber pacemaker.

Hospital fees (out patient).

Medical fees.

Basic examination by a cardiologist.


Recovery Room.




Single chamber Pacemaker                         $ 7,000.00US

Dual chamber pacemaker                            $ 8,100.00US

Triple chamber (Re-synchronizator)        $16,000.00US

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