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Well we’re back home and doing fine, thanks to you and your wonderful Hospital. It is amazing how professional you and the staff performed your duties. I don’t think we could have received better care anywhere and feel lucky to have been taken to the Hospital where you practice. It is refreshing in todays world to know that Doctors and Nurses still care about people instead of just money. Every person made us feel special. I also noted that you treated the local people with the same compassion, as you treated us. This tells me that you are genuine. You kept us informed and explained everything to us.The people at Royal Caribbean must have great faith in your fine Doctors and Nurses. I don’t think we could have eaten better food, as it was delicious. At no time did we feel any anxiety about being away from home after meeting with all of you.
Cherie saw her Doctors and all of them remarked what a beautiful job you and your team did. I can’t remember all the names, but believe us we thank each and everyone of you. After being there for 6 days I think we saw you not only as Doctors and Nurses, but as new friends. I also want to thank the Doctors and nurses on Independence Of The Seas who gave Cherie the chance to get to the hospital in the first place.
Forever Grateful, Cherie and Charlie your Florida Friends.

Cherie and Charlie Yocom

I wanted to bring you up to date on my status. I have met with my new heart doctor; Dr. Graham of the Indian Heart Physicians and I have been performing cardiac rehab since I got home. Last week I had a Myoveiw Stress Test and got the results from Dr Graham this week. Thanks to you and your efforts on my behalf; the test showed NO damage to my heart and the coronary circulation was excellent.

Thank you so much for caring for me and the excellent treatment that I got there at AmeriMed Hospital in Cabo San Lucas. I also appreciate the care and concern that you showed my wife during this crisis. I am very thankful for the decisions that you and the caregivers on the ship made as they were definitely responsible for my successful recovery. I have lost more than 30 pounds and I am now back to work full time and Dr Graham has given me the ok to play golf and do other things around my home and most importantly he approved for me to take a trip to Poland in May to see my first grandchild that will be born April 21.

Again thank you very much and may God continue to bless your abilities.

Mike McHone

Good Morning,

Arrived home to Alberta late Monday Feb 02/09. Very long day however all went well. Connential Airline service was excellent.

Went through customs etc. without problems. When we arrived at our home all of us were very tired. We went to bed and I slept 4-5 hours without waking.
This was wonderful.

Please let Dr. Berzunza know that I am eating better everyday. Also getting stronger. Incisions are healing quickly with no problems. I do miss the wonderful sunshine and warm weather but we are happy to be home in Alberta.

Regards to everyone there at the hospital. I miss your smiling happy faces.
I have an appointment with Dr Dutoit (family doctor) Tues. Feb 10/09.
I will be in contact with you in the near future.

God bless you all. Thank you for saving my life.

Mary Frew and Family

Buenos Dias, all staff, caring doctors and nurses who looked after Ken!!!!

I just thought it was about time that I sent all of you a short note to tell you how Ken  was progressing since  he arrived back home on Monday October 13.  After a very informative tour by your paramedics enroute to the airport, we boarded onto to an Air Ambulance Cessna Citation, piloted by two pilots and two paramedics, along with Ken and I.  When we arrived in San Diego, we were immediately driven to the huge University of California Medical Center Hospital.  When Ken settled in to his new private room, he was soon examined by several Cardiologists and for the next twenty-four hours had all the tests that Rudy and George requested. The outcome was that nothing medically should be done now and that his new St. Jude’s Pacemaker is working just great !!!!  Thanks again everybody in Cabo !!

I think, along with my son Jay and Ken,  that his heart is a little, tiny bit better and therefore his breathing has improved to some extent. He found that his fall from his syncopy episode proved hard on many parts of his body besides his sore shoulder.  After being bed ridden for eight hospital days, he found it extremely difficult to walk without popping Extra Strength Tylenols for about a week or so. Now it is five weeks today since his pacemaker was installed, and he is now able to take short walks down the street where we live. He is still dreaming of being able to snow ski this winter, BUT, I keep saying if you can get into your very stiff ski boots, buckle them up, then get out of them again (which takes much more effort than putting them on), maybe then you can tackle the easier runs on the ski hill.

I thought that you would appreciate a few photos, I took with some of you and Ken.  My son, Jay is going to try to scan them and then send as an attachment to this e-mail. I hope it works.

Best wishes and Bless all of you for your kindness and care given to both Ken and I.  Thanks again from the entire Ozanne family.


We are very happy to let you know that Steve Vittoria is doing really well and recovering nicely.  You are a Hollywood star! The Cardiologist at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles was “extremely impressed” by your cardiac treatment of Steve.  The reports you provided were comprehensive and provided all the necessary information for the doctors.

We will always be grateful to you.  Should you and your family ever visit Los Angeles please be sure to contact us.  It would be an honor to entertain you in our home.  We ordered the DVD movie Steve told you about so watch in the mail for a delivery.

Many Thanks & Best Wishes,

Ellen Vittoria, Steve Vittoria, Shannon Vittoria.

Dear Doctors,

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write this letter to you about your health care facility, Amerimed in San Lucas My husband was recently hospitalized under emergency circumstances while we were on vacation. Very quickly and efficiently upon arrival the appropriate tests were taken, results analyzed and then two serious procedures were successfully performed – an embolization and a fasciotomy.

We were extremely well treated and informed at all times by both of you. All the information that I received while in Mexico was repeated to me upon arrival back in Canada.

Even after our return, you kept in contact with me by email with respect to my husband’s condition and recovery status.

We can honestly say – and we do tell everyone – that you saved his leg.

We are forever grateful. Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Gloria and Rafael Bachar

I am writing you to give my testimony for the excellent and timely care that you and your staff gave me during my heart attack on our recent trip to Cab San Lucas. Your fully equipped hospital, Amerimed, with a Cath Lab and cardiologists, enabled me to survive this severe heart attack. You and your team responded quickly, completing the treatment and the procedure of installing two stents within the critical 90 minute window. Your communication with my wife and me was excellent and compassionate, explaining my condition, what procedures you would take and why, and continued during my 5 day stay there. You were competent and knowledgeable about specific issues regarding the stent choice and my conditions, and your recommendations for treatment for me upon returning to Oregon. My wife was very calm during this stressful ordeal inpart to the excellent care and quality of service I received from you and your team.

We also appreciated you quickly forwarding all records and images to our doctors in Oregon so that we could meet with them the day after we returned. My Cardiologist agreed with all that you did. He wants my heart to recover for two weeks, and then I will have additional tests to determine the need for a third stent at that time. I am recovering my strength and feeling well, thanks to you and your team.

I am very happy with the outstanding care I received from you and the staff at Amerimed, Cabo San Lucas.

Dick Dunnahoe

Hello from “COLD” Calgary Alberta Canada. Connie is doing really good, we are so glad we met you, our life is looking so much more brighter. Thanks once again and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!

Connie & Wayne M.
Calgary, AB Canada.

Had the best time in Cabos San Lucas and have had the best results that i know i can feel daily!!

Karrie H.
Saskatchewan, Canada.

I had an amazing time meeting new people and the medical staff.  The procedure went without a hitch and I came back a healthier person.

Trenton L.
Calgary, AB Canada.

Gerry is still feeling great. He has been doing a lot of heavy yard work.

He also has started driving car again, something he hasn’t done for 4 years. He can walk at least 2 km. His thinking is clear and he can
remember again. His balance is still good and so is his vision. We are so very grateful for the procedure.

Heidi P.
British Columbia, Canada

Christine is doing well. Her feet have feeling in them allowing her to walk far better. Her balance is much improved as her lack of dizziness. She has moderate improvement in the numbness in her fingers.

Robert F.
Manitoba, Canada.

It was a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for your kind treatment. i do feel stronger, better balance, warm feet, place my feet better when walking. i have been taking physio ever week & hi protien boost as suggested by Dr.Anguiano. Thank you

Ann B.
Saskatchewan, Canada.

We were very impressed, the hearing doctor and the neurologist.
They were three very awesome people and we were were very pleased with the treatment Mom received in Cabo. Please send our thanks to all three and a special thanks to the hearing doctor and Dr.Karla for their kindness and concern for mom. Hoping that Mom will feel better and better as time goes on.

Shelly M
Saskatchewan, Canada.

Had great results!!
That horrible fatigue feeling is gone. Also noticed I dont have to rest my arms on the counter when drying my hair. My vision has improved along with the heaviness in legs.

So happy I invested in the treatment. I am hoping it just keeps getting better!!!

Janet F.
Ontario, Canada.

I was treated on June 14th and am stronger in many ways. Expect results to continue for the next few months. Here’s a hint though, ask your friends and relatives if THEY have noticed any changes. They can see things that you may not. Happy Liberation.

Robert F.
Victoria, BC Canada.


Carol B.
Quebec, Canada.

To All of you in Cabo or those going soon for CCSVI Testing and Treatment, May you all have greatly improved blood flow and drainage soon and may you experience a better quality of life.

Deb T.

Had treatment in Cabo August 30th!! Fatigue gone..Vision much improved and if that is all I am soooo happy!!! Recommended it!!!!!!!!! Had diagnositic done in the morning and treatment in the afternoon. Was sitting on hotel balcony at 6 pm that night eating my dinner!!!

Janet F.
British Columbia, Canada.

My procedure was on Dec. 1 and went very well. Improvements were slow, but noticeable by my husband. It is now 2 weeks later and things get better every day!!

Cheryl M.
British Columbia, Canada.

I am feeling great. I am learning how to use quad canes. I could not have done that before the procedure. Thanks.

Wendy S.
Alberta, Canada.

I’m feeling super! In fact better almost everyday. I’m walking in the pool now and trying out of water at home too…soon I’ll leave this wheelchair behind. I’ve shared your address and my results with alot of MS people in our area and I hope they all come to see you.

Jean B
British Columbia, Canada.

We are so excited.Improvements noted in Mexico are still present. Little leaps in mobility new every day.

Linda H.
Ontario, Canada.

I had excellent results. I am walking without even a cane. My balance and energy are back to normal. I am clear thinking and I am pain free. I have my life back and wake up every morning eager to begin the day!!! The waits were long, but the care was very good. Thank you so very

Donna A.
Westbank, BC Canada.

My son went to Cabo at the beginning of September. His appointment went ahead as scheduled and did not cost a cent more than he was told beforehand. He was told that if he needed stents they would cost $3,500 each, but it would be his choice to have them put in or not. Fortunately he didn’t need them, so it was not a scam to charge more. The doctors and staff were very professional and my son and daughter in law were very impressed. They also loved Cabo and would like to go back some day, purely for vacation purposes.

He is doing well. He has a lot of his upper body strength back, can now tie his shoelaces, hold a knife and fork and write better than he has in years. He has more energy and doesn’t need to nap any more. He has lost his brain fog. When he came back he was able to walk with his walker inside the house wnd was no longer dragging his foot. He started physio last week to help strengthen the muscles in his legs and the therapist thinks she will be able to help him with walking. He and his wife said Cabo was beautiful, but quite hilly so they couldn’t do as much as they would have liked as it was hard in the wheelchair. There was lots to do and I think the clinic arranged some excursions for those who wanted them. Hope this helps put your fears to rest. Good luck with the procedure.Isabel T.

Isabel T.
Ontario, Canada.

I got home from Cabo San Lucas on Sept. 24 and I feel much better. I left on Sept. 16th and had the procedure on the evening of the 17th. I slept pretty much the whole next day but I noticed my balance had improved. No more dizziness, nausea gone, I can close my eyes and not start to fall backwards. I have less stiffness in legs, and less pain in knees and thighs. Less stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I have less fatigue.

Hearing improvement, eyesight improvement. Generally an overall feeling of relaxation and improved mood. I still have numbness in my arms and hands but perhaps that will improve with time. So as of today Oct. 13th, I’m still feeling well. I have much more energy and can do more in a day than before. I went into a store today and wandered around looking at things for an hour, just because i COULD!

Shirley M.
Saskatchewan, Canada.

I just got back on Saturday, and Cabo was AWESOME!! Everyone at Amerimed was just so helpful – from Andreas & Daniella to the magnificent team at the hospital. I just can’t say enough good things about them!! I have PPMS, and for the first time in years I am riding my stationary bike a couple of times per day, and am not feeling all noodly afterwards!! And no pain – biggest plus for me!! Good luck and let us know what happens!

Lori M.
British Columbia, Canada

My quality of life has improved drastically since CCSVI….I am so thankful for your professionalism and kindness I felt very safe in your hands..thank you for giving me my life back!!

Nicole S.
Alberta, Canada.

Hello all!  I am back from Cabo San Lucas, and am THRILLED with the results!  I won’t bore you with the incredible calibre of care received by everyone at the AmeriMed hospital, only to say I would not hesitate to return for any operation!   Sorry if I run on a little long, but I am so excited.

I arrived to the hotel on Sat Oct 16/10 around 5PM and was met by the two coordinators from the hospital where we dealt with all the paperwork and what my schedule would be. To expedite, they recommended I go that evening to get my MRI, then have Sunday free to eat & drink anything ( as Andreas the awesome hospital coordinator told me to do), and go to the hospital Monday morning at 8AM for a plethora of tests and the procedure.

If you want to read more of Lori’s experience click here:

Lori MacMullen
Surrey, BC Canada.

My sister and I just got back. We had the procedure done on Nov. 18 with good success. The clinic staff were amazing, the hospital was impeccably clean and the level of care was outstanding. Despite some negative stories about CCSVI before we left, my sister and I were undeterred. In fact, the stories gave us all the more resolve to get this done!

After the procedure, we both felt better immediately. I had more feeling in my feet, the spasticity in my right knee was almost gone, the gait in my right leg has pretty much corrected itself and we both have far more energy and stamina. My sister’s symptoms were different from my own, but she has not had a blistering headache since the procedure was done, her eyes now “track” properly and she is able to watch a hockey game without feeling nauseous.

CCSVI is not a cure for MS, but it is most definitely a viable treatment option and one that should be readily available for all patients in Canada.

Perhaps the thing that struck me most about this entire experience was the sheer number of Canadians in Mexico, all waiting to have this procedure done. There were 23 patients in our week alone – from all parts of Canada – Halifax, NS to Victoria, BC and everywhere in between! We’ve since found out that my sister and I were patients number 302 & 303 to be done in this clinic. They hope to publish a study about their trials, but have yet to find a journal of medicine that will publish it.

Laurie C.
Ontario, Canada.

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