Alternative to stents to be used to prevent restenosis in MS patients

The Clinics of the Heart Los Cabos headed by Dr. Rafael Moguel, one of Mexico’s leading Interventional Cardiologists and one of the worlds most experienced and successful CCSVI treatment centers has to date treated more than 350 Multiple Sclerosis patients by performing the ballooning angioplasty procedure known as the “liberation” or restoration of blood flow from the brain.

Dr. Moguel announced that he will begin to use this new device as an alternative to stent placement, this type of balloon, one that is currently being used on coronary patients with restenosis risk. The balloon carries a drug that is used to prevent organ transplant rejection and deposits it in the walls of peripheral blood vessels which is the case of the jugulars.

These balloons are now certified in Europe and it is expected that they will be available in January, 2011.

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  1. Way to go Dr. Moguel! Every innovation is indeed a blessing to the medical field. And for sure this will help a lot of patients.

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