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Cardiology in Cozumel, Mexico

June 26th, 2014


Our patients come to Cozumel for wonderful affordable healthcare

Clinics CZM

they stay for what comes with it.

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Patients seeking high quality medical treatment at affordable prices are traveling to Cozumel Island in the Mexican Caribbean to Clinics of the Heart Staffed by one of the world´s most experienced interventional cardiology teams.

Since 1991 thousands of percutaneous vascular procedures have been successfully performed, some of the programmed treatments offered by Clinics of the Heart include: Aortic Valve Stenosis, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, COPD Stem Cell Treatment, Cardiac Pacemaker Replacement, interventional cardiology offers minimally invasive vascular treatments.

Experience… The Clinics of the Heart led by Dr. Rafael Moguel and staffed by the best of the best in the field of interventional cardiology is a pioneer CCSVI treatment center having successfully treated hundreds of MS patients since June 2010.

You will find that the prices at Clinics of the Heart are usually a fraction of the cost of the same treatment in the US and most other countries. includes all pre and post procedure testing and follow-up, there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. Clinics of the Heart does not require deposits or prepayments prior to travel, all payments are made at the hospital.

Clinics of the Heart offers the latest in stem cell treatments at our modern facility offers state of the art technology. Clinics of the Heart has pioneered the use of paclitaxel medicated balloons that are proven to reduce re-stenosis.

Location… The Clinics of the Heart is located in Mexico’s safest and most beautiful destination, Cozumel Island in the Mexican Caribbean.

Low cost 4 Star accommodation packages available for patients and travel companions. . Transportation between the airport, hotel and hospital is included.

Clinics of the Heart provides personalized service by your own bilingual treatment concierge who will be always available to assist you and ensure that you enjoy a seamless and pleasant journey.

Many direct and non-stop flights from major US and Canadian cities.

Mexico’s legendary hospitality is felt throughout the entire journey, warm and compassionate people to whom you are much more than just another patient.

Contact the Clinics of the Heart Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI Treatment coordinators at or call toll free (844) 620-9698 for further information and appointments.








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