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COPD Stem Cell Treatment by Clinics of the Heart in Mexico

June 25th, 2014

Being diagnosed with COPD is terrifying,  It has no know cure and it affects the automatic process of breathing. Stem cell treatments for COPD, however, have been around for about 10 years. The refined treatment has stunning effects on even the most advanced cause of COPD. Other treatments for COPD only prolong the progression of the disease and individuals continue to worsen over time. With stem cells, patients receive a higher quality of life. In some cases, patients experience a complete reversal of the disease. Stem cells are a great procedure for those infected with the COPD. Clinics of the Heart, Mexico’s premier endovascular diagnostic and treatment center in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico offer the worlds finest stem cells facility.

Dr. Rafael Moguel’s Clinics of the Heart is part of the Costamed Medical Group in beautiful Cozumel Island, the crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean and located in the modern facilities of the Costamed Hospital. Staffed by the best of the best board certified specialists, Clinics of the Heart offers minimally invasive endovascular procedures that combined with stem cell treatments that regenerate damaged cells that slow the progression of the COPD and that in many cases have shown to reverse the damage.

Since 1991 Clinics of the Heart has performed thousands of percutaneous vascular procedures and is a pioneer in the use and development of stem cell treatments for a variety of diseases.

Clinics of the Heart treatment coordinators  will handle all of the details of your journey, from door to door it becomes a seamless experience so you can concentrate on getting better, high quality health care at a low cost.

Most patients of Dr. Moguel’s Clinics of the Heart stay at the 4 star beachfront Coral Princess Resort, that offers great accommodations at very affordable prices, Cozumel International Airport is served by most major North American airlines from the US and Canada offering direct and non-stop flights. Contact or call toll free (844)620-9698





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