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Crowdfunding offers hope to MS patients seeking CCSVI Treatment abroad

July 04th, 2014

Speaking from the Heart

More and more patients who need medical treatment that are either un-insured, under insured or choose to seek quality healthcare abroad because o the availability of treatments are using the different online crowdfunding services like to raise money to pay for the medical procedure that will hopefully allow them to enjoy better health and and their dream of a better quality of life into a reality.

Crowdfunding is responsible for some amazing things and it has the potential to continue to do great things for humanity, from nurturing human creativity to fostering human generosity and kindness.

By bringing people together digitally to work towards a common goal, the crowdfunding concept has made dreams more attainable than ever before, restoring faith in many people and allowing wonderful and deserving people and opportunity to achieve good health and wellness.

The community and support found using this method of fundraising is remarkable. But only a short decade ago, before online crowdfunding really took off, such instances of human kindness would have been infinitely more difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

The bottom line: Crowdfunding has opened new doors for fundraising, creating an online community of people who give – be it to make people’s dreams come true, or to help a friend in need. And say what you want about the evils of technology, but that is pretty freaking awesome.

At Clinics of the Heart we feel that raising the funds needed for the treatment, travel and incidental expenses is a very important important part of getting better, we believe that this information can help you achieve your goal.

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