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Endovascular Laser

The varicose disease in legs and hemorrhoids is caused by irreversible malfunctioning of the internal valves of veins.

This cause the veins to swell presenting different shapes as bulkings or windings and this happens with all the varicose veins, either in the legs or in the hemorrhoidal area.

The risk associated factors for the onset of varicose veins or their worsening are:

The common symptoms in legs are of three kind:

In the hemorrhoid veins many of these symptoms may be present but the risks are associated with some other features plus as fistulae, constipation and infections.

The old approach for the varicose veins treatment is a major surgery by stripping the veins through surgical wounds, this major surgery are uncomfortable, painful and mild incapacitating and they left scars.

The most modern and efficient approach for eliminating varicose veins in legs and hemorrhoids is the endovenous laser treatment, the procedure is performed introducing a thin fiber all the longitude of the varicose vein in the leg or in the hemorrhoid, causing a dehydration of the tissues of the vein without wounds, hospitalization, pain, scars or any incapacity after the procedure.

This procedure brings efficiency up to 98% in all the investigation series
Immediately after the procedure has ended you can walk and do all your usual activities.

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