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Coronary Care and Heart Disease Treatments in Mexico by Clinics of the Heart

August 13th, 2014

Endovascular Intervention procedures performed by the skilled board certified specialists at Clinics of the Heart at the modern Costamed Hospital in Cozumel, Mexico. Please contact us regarding any of these treatments and procedures. Mexico’s top doctors providing the best service at the lowest price. Coronary care in Mexico has become more popular because the recognized top flight medical care and the much lower prices than in the U.S.

Left  heart  catheterization

Diagnostic  coronary  angiography

Coronary  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Chronic  coronary  heart  disease

Acute  coronary  syndrome

Unstable  angina

Acute  myocardial  infarction

Thoracic  aorta  angiography

Aortic  valvuloplasty

Percutaneous  aortic  valve  implantation

Aortoplasty  for  aortic  coarctation

Renal  denervation  for  resistant  hypertension  treatment

Right  heart  catheterization

Pulmonary  artery  angiography

Right  heart,  pulmonary  artery  and  pulmonary  capillary  pressure  manometry

Pulmonary  and  tricuspid  valvuloplasty

Trans-catheter  thrombectomy  for  pulmonary  embolism

Pericardial  and  myocardial  disease  study

Endomyocardial  biopsy

Embolism  retrievment

Left-right  cardiac  catheterization

Hybrid stent/bypass surgery

Pericardial  and  myocardial  disease  study

Vena  cava  filter  implant

Transeptal  catheterization

Mitral-aortic  valves  disease  studies

Mitral  valvuloplasty

Pediatric  cardiac  catheterization

Diagnosis  and  treatment  for  congenital  cardiac  disease

Closure  for  intra  and  extra  cardiac  defects


Arrhythmia  diagnosis  and  treatment

Cardiac  re-­‐synchronization

Internal  cardiac  defibrillator  implant  and  replacement

Diagnostic  brain  angiography

Carotid  stent  implantation

Intra  craneal  angioplasty

Brain  aneurism  embolization

Super  selective  chemotherapy

Treatment  for  chronic  cerebro  vascular  insufficiency  (CCSVI)  on  multiple  sclerosis

Diseases  of  the  aorta

Abdominal  aorta  angiography

Abdominal  aorta  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Stent  placement  for  abdominal  and  thoracic  aorta  aneurysms

Aortic  thrombectomy

Peripheral  arterial  disease

Peripheral  arterial  angiography

Treatment  for  acute  and  chronic  limb  ischemia  (limb  rescue)

Splanchnic  arteries  angiography

Splanchnic  arteries  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Mesenteric  thrombosis  treatment

Selective  renal  artery  angiography

Renal  artery  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Uterine  embolization

Uterine  fibroids   Post-­‐partum  hemorrhage

Anomalous  placental  implantation  (placenta  accreta/perccreta)

Ovarian  vein  embolization  for  chronic  pelvic  congestion  treatment

Erectile  dysfunction

Pelvic  arteries  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Diseases  of  the  veins

Superior  and  inferior  limbs  venography

Vein  thrombectomy  (vein  thrombosis  and  deep  venous  thrombosis)

Vein  angioplasty  and  stent  placement


Obstructed  arterio-­‐venous  fistulae  angioplasty  and  stent  placement

Intra-­‐arterial  super-­‐selective  chemotherapy

Stem  cells

Intra-­‐arterial  super-­‐selective  lipid  derived  stem  cells  therapy

Multiple  sclerosis  (possible  combined  treatment  for  CCSVI  correction)


Mexico is a wonderful country, mexican people are warm and friendly, as a patient you will find that our service, attention and low price are unmatched. Contact a Clinics of the Heart treatment coordinator at or call toll free (844)620-9698.

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