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Heart Murmurs

What is a Heart murmur?

The heart’s noises are produced at the opening and closing of its valves, the murmurs are abnormal sounds produced by the abnormal circulation and friction of blood against malfunctioning structures within the heart or near the heart, the reasons for this to happen can vary, some of them can be:

How are these murmurs?

The doctor will evaluate many aspects of a murmur, he will assess about the sound volume, period duration and intensity

The cardiac murmurs can be congenital or acquired.

Are all the murmurs indicating a heart disease?

No, sometimes a murmur can be heard on the chest of a normal person with fever or anemia, these murmurs will disappear when the condition has gone.

Some kids may have a murmur known as innocent, this is not associated with any diseases and its usual to observe its disappearing in adulthood, maybe the doctor will ask you to perform some tests on the kid to make sure this is an innocent murmur, but it is relevant to study each patient because in some occasions the murmur can be related to a real cardiac disease.

Most of the cardiac diseases related to murmurs can be corrected either by catheter approach or by surgery.

Clinics of the heart are your treatment option in Mexico for congenital and acquired valvular and structural diseases of the heart.

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