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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Stem Cell Treatment

June 20th, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis/Neurological Diseases
For any patient, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is both stressful and terrifying. The lack of a cure leads to much of the fear and emotional distress. It’s important for doctors, as well as patients and family members accompanying their loved one to appointments, to consider the many treatment plans that slow the progression of the disease. It’s important for doctors, patients, and loved ones in a supportive role to consider newer, drug-free methods against traditional medications and surgical treatments. Stem cells are gaining steam and proving to be incredibly useful tools in the battle against neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis that have no known cure.

Traditional Treatments for MS
Because MS has no cure, the focus has been on treating the problematic symptoms. Traditionally, a course of prescription medications is used to alleviate the symptoms, but the medications do not prevent symptoms from recurring.
With the medications used to treat symptoms of MS, many have side effects that are often worse than the actual symptom. These side effects range from nausea and flu-like symptoms to bladder infections, chest pain, and liver damage. As a result, many patients prefer drug-free treatments.

Drug-free Treatments for MS
The benefits of stem cells are being studied around the world. The goal is to have the stem cells grow healthy nerve cells to replace the tissue in the nervous system. Because stem cells are able to renew by themselves, scientists are studying how beneficial they are in helping with tissue repair in damaged nerve cells.

Clinics of the Heart and Regenestem, are offering the world’s most advanced stem cell facilities at the Costamed Hospital in Cozumel, Mexico and are finding great success treating neurological diseases with stem cells. Using adipose tissue, taken from the layers of fat in the human body, the mesenchymal stem cells are able to grow into other forms of tissue, including bone, muscle, and nerve tissue. The stem cells are implanted with an arterial catheterization technique.
Once in the body, the stem cells get to work repairing damaged tissue. The proteins in the stem cells protect tissue as it is rebuilt. So far, The Clinics of the Heart and Regenestem are seeing positive improvements in patients who report having higher energy levels, increased flexibility, less pain in the joints, and more body strength.

Clearly, stem cell therapies are beneficial to patients who want to avoid dangerous drugs. With ongoing research showing much success in treating MS, arthritis, autism, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and diabetes among others, we are convinced that this is the treatment of the future. For best results MS patients may opt for the CCSVI + Stem cell combined treatment.

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