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Multiple Sclerosis Research 

Multiple Sclerosis Research

What does Dr. Zamboni’s multiple sclerosis research say about the CCSVI-MS connection?

Dr. Zamboni’s multiple sclerosis research shows a strong link between CCSVI and MS. According to his findings, many multiple sclerosis disease sufferers have CCSVI, a condition in which the blood flow from the brain and spinal cord to the heart is constricted, resulting in greater deposits of iron in the brain. As a result, Dr. Zamboni has hypothesized that CCSVI could be one of the causes of MS and, in turn, treating CCSVI can also be an effective MS treatment. Dr. Zamboni has developed an endovascular surgical procedure called The Liberation Technique that repairs restricted veins. In CCSVI clinical trials, this procedure has been a successful multiple sclerosis treatment for many MS sufferers.

According to Dr. Zamboni’s published multiple sclerosis research, patients who underwent the CCSVI-MS treatment generally experienced:

As a result of using the Liberation Technique as multiple sclerosis treatment, many MS sufferers have enjoyed a greater quality of life.

Although more multiple sclerosis research is needed to investigate fully the link between CCVSI and MS, the results of CCSVI clinical trials have been astonishing. And though not a cure for the multiple sclerosis disease, studies have found that Zamboni’s Liberation Technique has been a rather effectual multiple sclerosis treatment.

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