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Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment

June 15th, 2014

The combined CCSVI venoplasty / stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis is performed by Dr. Rafael Moguel at the Clinics of the Heart in Mexico offers more ways to obtain improvements, the first by enhancing blood flow to the brain thru balloon venoplasty of the jugular and azygous veins, the second by increasing the chance for neuron recovery in the presence of new cells (stem cells). We can expect maximum benefits while performing both procedures at the same time.

Dr. Moguel is a renown interventional cardiologist who has performed more than 7,500 percutaneous vascular procedures and 650 plus CCSVI venoplasty successful procedures on patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis. The results of the 300+ procedures can be found at

Dr. Moguel has pioneered the use of tools and products used in coronary/arterial procedures like the paclitaxel medicated balloons that have dramatically reduced restenosis.

Curently, The Clinics of the Heart offers the combination CCSVI/stem cell treatmet at it’s modern facilities in the Costamed Hospital in beautiful Cozumel Island on the Mexican Caribbean.

Traveling Multiple Sclerosis patients may arrive to Cozumel directly or may choose to fly to Cancún international airport and connect to Cozumel. The Clinics of the Heart treatment coordinators will meet MS patients and assist them to the selected resort hotel. The multiple sclerosis treatment takes place the day after arrival to allow as much time as possible for follow up examination and follow up. Most multiple sclerosis patients choose to stay a few days longer after the procedure to rest and relax before return home.

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